It was when Aurelia saw her father design jewellery for his wife Aneska, which he then had tailor-made, that Aurelia saw her fascination for creation and jewellery grow.

Aurelia imagines jewellery that she loves to wear and that accompanies her every day. Resolutely personal, she likes the idea that her creations tell a story, transmit a memory, or an emotion.

Her jewels are like talismans that protect and sublimate you in all occasions.

The diamond without being ostentatious reigns supreme among her creations. Her necklaces, rings and bracelets are inspired by women, memories, travels or fragments of nature.

A career in fashion and jewellery press relations, punctuated by travels around the world and a few years of life in the Pacific completes to sharpen her look and her instinct for mixing.

It is on her return to Paris that Aurélia naturally returns to her first emotions and to the passion that drives her. Following her intuition, she imagined and founded Aneska in 2019.


A piece of jewellery carries a story within it that it whispers to the one it adorns.

Alternately talisman, grigri, lucky charm, promise, feeling, emotion, secret, memory, shield, fragility, strength, power…

Aurelia develops the intuition that far from being museum pieces, locked in a chest, her jewels, living materials, must be displayed and assert themselves, free of complexes.

Wearing as well as creating a piece of jewellery reveals an intention. Jewellery as a message. A fragment of memory. A story that is still being written. Symbols of the most beautiful moments of life always associated with the most vibrant emotions and feelings. Love, Loyalty, Commitment, Friendship.

The most beautiful is yet to come. Therefore, Aurélia develops collections that can be freely interpreted to reveal and rediscover its uniqueness.


“Reality only reveals itself when enlightened by a poetic ray”. Georges Braque, Le jour et la nuit.

While Aneska‘s unique pieces are inspired and vibrant by the memories and imagination of their creator, they offer a blank page to the women who wear them and bring them to life. To write and transmit their own story.

The know-how

Aneska cultivates singularity. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted in a traditional manner to carve out the unique personality of each piece. The diamonds used are chosen from among the most beautiful in colour and purity (E -F / VVS VS) and all come from the Kimberley Process, a diamond certification protocol that guarantees their origin.